Everything you need to know about Corporate Communications in 90 Seconds

Image: Cover of the book Corporate Communications: A 21st Century Primer by Joseph Fernandez
Corporate Communications Primer: Cover Photo by Joseph Fernandez

Corporate Communications is the way an organization communicates to accomplish its goals. It communicates the core messages of an organization’s brand through purpose and value. The organization communicates purpose to its people. It communicates value to the world.

Communication really is 80% of everything we do everyday.

So, how are purpose and value different from each other? Purpose is our shared belief in the future. Value is our measurable contribution to the world.

In the corporate communications view, there are 12 audiences. Your first audience is always the people in your organization. Every day, you communicate purpose to them. You inform, involve and inspire them about your organization’s journey every day.

The 11 audiences that make up the outside world are your stakeholders, customers, government, media, communities, opinion makers, potential customers, potential employees, financial markets, regulatory bodies and special interest groups.

Every organization goes through three stages: Create your identity. Build your brand. Manage your reputation. For this reason, corporate communications is a leadership function, a communication strategy and a dynamic response — all rolled in one. And a person, community, organization or nation state can be a brand as well. And these three stages apply to them as well.

Remember the ABCs of great communication: accuracy, brevity & clarity. Keep it accurate. Keep it brief. Keep it clear. All communications you roll out can be measured by their impact, influence and impetus. So, build a creative dashboard that will tell the incredible story of your organization’s journey.

In our new decade, three global challenges — COVID-19, Conflict & Climate Change — have shifted the ground beneath our feet. They have altered our landscapes with three new priorities: Communities, Platforms & Solutions.

A community is a group of people who accomplish their goals with shared values and togetherness. A platform is a place where people come together to create purpose and build value for everyone. A solution is a long term response to a challenge that transforms our world. Communities, platforms and solutions exist both real-time and online in our world for good reason.

In this new world, be the only person who does what you do. Your education, experience & expertise will help you to become a communications leader, a go-to strategist and a first responder. You will realize soon that digital transformation is the use of technology to accomplish our collective goals. And, you will find all the help you need at the crossroads of arts, business, culture, design, spirituality and technology.

You can learn more about Corporate Communications here. Well, that’s 90 seconds. Thank you for your time — and your response.

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